Hi my name is: Zoe Rasbash

I am the: Communications Team Member

I am from: I am from Bristol, but am currently completing my Geography degree at UCL.


My goal is: help motivate the next generation of decision makers to rise up against social and environmental injustices, using environmental protection as a means to aid cross border understanding. I love art and alternative media, and think they can be used to make environmentalism more accessible to young people (currently what I am writing my dissertation on!).

Outside of the UKYCC: I love my cats, and am currently making an environment arts and culture zine with 2 friends. Other than I spend a lot of time watching TV.

You can reach me via: email at zoe.rasbash@ukycc.org, Instagram at @zorasbash_ (IG) or @rsbsh_

Thought for the day: “Politics doesn’t always start with politicians, now does it?” Jeremy Corbyn