Pursuant to the new version of the proposed text for the Paris Agreement which was released yesterday afternoon, and recognising that young people have a vital role in the negotiations and a right to participate in decision-making about our future, UKYCC shall present our opinions and requests for your action over the next few hours of negotiations.


Emphasising that key elements of the Agreement appear to have been left out, some by accident ie intergenerational equity, but others perplexingly on purpose such as gender equality and rights of indigenous peoples. Without the dynamic of sufficient human rights in the text, this agreement will not be sufficient.


Taking account of the vital importance of a long term goal to sending a strong signal to the world from Paris, we would like you to push for Option 1 of Article 3.1, calling for peaking GHG emissions ASAP and rapid reductions to 70-95 % below 2010 levels by 2050.


Regarding Article 2.1 we ask you to stand with the most vulnerable countries, a lot of whom demanded we keep below 1.5 degrees global average temperature warming to ensure their survival, and push for options 1, or at the very least option 2.


Noting your responsibility to provide adequate finance to those who most need it.


Urges you to take note and act accordingly. Youth will be watching.