UKYCC is made up of a group of motivated youth volunteers between the ages of 18-29. We live all across the UK and work together on a variety of environmental campaigns to try and promote a youth perspective on the importance of tackling climate change.

To tackle climate change we need an inspiring vision of how we want the world to be and a movement that anyone can feel part of. Everybody has boundless ideas for what this future might be like, but at the UKYCC we place an emphasis on issues which relate closely to young people as part of a wider, cross-generational movement for change.

UKYCC’s Mission:

After deciding that it would be beneficial and useful for UKYCC to have a unified purpose, through consensus and shared learning we finalised our mission statement. Our mission aims to demonstrate what UKYCC hopes to achieve, embody and enact. UKYCC’s Mission Statement:

UK Youth Climate Coalition mobilises and empowers young people to take positive action for global climate justice.

UKYCC’s Vision:

Similarly, we wanted to create a vision of a better future to help motivate us towards. UKYCC’s Vision:

A just, sustainable world in which current and future generations enjoy and protect a healthy environment.

Our Projects

UKYCC operates across local, national and international levels moving across a variety of important campaigning issues.

At the grassroots level we give skills and support to young people who want to see climate action in their local areas and empower them to be a catalyst in their community or school. For more information, take a look at the work of our Community Team!

Nationally we have been working on an anti-gas campaign to demonstrate resistance to fossil fuel infrastructure. To find out more, check our the Gas Team‘s work.

Internationally we are actively part of the growing International Youth Climate Movement. Every year we send a UK Youth Delegation to the UN Climate Talks to learn and skillshare. We collaborate with other international youth organisations and call for immediate international climate action that is fair and protects the world’s most vulnerable. Find out more here: Youth Delegation to the UN Climate Talks

To get a sense of what we have been up to over the years, check out our 10 year report below or check out our history.

UKYCC is also part of the Climate Coalition, to find out more about this see here.

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