UK Youth Climate Coalition stands in Solidarity with Tina Rothery


Tina Rothery a Lancashire Nana has been on the frontline of fighting fracking in the UK. Today the court have ordered her to pay  £55,342.37 in court costs for an ‘eviction’ of a 3 week camp to protect a field that had been chosen by Cuadrilla for fracking. The ridiculous part is, the eviction never happened as everyone had already left the camp by then.

In just defiance against a court that appears to be prioritising corporate interests over the safety, health and environment of the British public – Tina is refusing to pay the fine.

The UK Youth Climate Coalition stands in solidarity with Tina’s actions.

We believe fracking compromises the UK’s legally binding climate targets of the 2008 Climate Change Act.

 We believe fracking is not in line with the UK’s commitment to the Global Paris Climate Deal where as part of the EU bloc we committed to a minimum 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

We believe in our right to protest and our right to take civil action against industries that threaten our environment and our human rights.

 We believe the government and justice courts must put public health and interests before corporate interests.

We thank Tina Rothery for fighting for our future and for standing for justice.


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