From March 27 until April 10 the non-violent grassroots activist network, Reclaim the Power, has been facilitating a fortnight event of anti-fracking actions called ‘Break the Chain‘. UK Youth Climate Coalition is standing in solidarity with the communities directly affected by fracking operations and those taking action against it.

We have therefore written a youth statement to coincide with support for local communities opposing fracking in the UK, and with Reclaim the Power’s Break the Chain actions.

You can read our anti-fracking response in solidarity here.


UKYCC believes that fracking is in the corporate, not public, interest and jeopardises our future, with repercussions for everyone.

UKYCC believes that fracking compromises the targets of the 2008 Climate Change Act.

UKYCC believes fracking is not in line with the UK’s commitment to the Global Paris Climate Deal.

UKYCC believes in our right to protest and our right to take civil action against industries that threaten our environment and our human rights.

UKYCC believes the government and justice courts must put public health and interests before corporate interests.