Hey, we’re the UK youth delegation going to the UN climate talks this year to bring a youth perspective to the negotiations and champion ambitious and fair action on climate change. But we’re only 8 people and we want to take as many voices of UK youth with us. So please write/draw/scribble/film your Messages to Marrakesh and we’ll hand deliver them to the UK negotiators while we’re at the talks. Get your friends to send us one too and start a conversation about climate change that you might not otherwise have had.

You may not have heard about the Marrakesh negotiations before, but they are just as important if not more so than last year’s shindig in Paris! There was much celebration that the global deal in Paris was agreed, but many civil society organisations agree it’s nowhere near enough. Marrakesh is the first COP or big meeting since Paris, and there’s a lot to refine about the Paris Agreement, and provides us with a chance to make it better. We’d love to bring your opinions on what the UK negotiators should be fighting for while they’re here.

If you’re stuck for what to say, here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • how do you feel when you think about climate change?
  • do you think the UK government is doing enough?

Check out our video for some of our Messages to Marrakesh…



You can send in your messages via:

Twitter: @ukyccdelegation   or

Email: message2marrakesh@ukycc.org