The UK Youth Climate Coalition, which is celebrating its tenth year of action, spoke at London’s second March for Science on Saturday.

The March for Science calls on people across the world to stand against global threats – like climate denial – with notable guest speakers.

UKYCC volunteers, Zoe Rasbash, Outreach Officer, and Rupert Stuart-Smith, Research Officer, spoke at the event on April 14 in London, calling for immediate science-based climate action.

Speaking in London, Rupert and Zoe said: “The scientific community has spoken – and they are clear: business as usual is not good enough. We need deep emissions cuts. And we need them now.”

The march is used as a call for evidence-based policy, uniting campaigners on diverse issues including the NHS, Brexit, science education, climate change and the lack of diversity in STEM fields.

Stuart-Smith, a Geography student at Oxford said: “Climate change is a crisis of justice. Its impacts affect us all, but it is often the poorest who are worst affected, who are most vulnerable to the consequences of centuries of carbon-fuelled growth.”

UKYCC’s current campaigns include a campaign against fossil gas, preparations for the UN Climate Conference (COP24), and a Sustainable Schools Award Scheme.

Rasbash, who currently studies alongside UKYCC work, said: “Science must play a central role in the pursuit of climate justice.”

UKYCC are a not-for-profit organisation and are always open to new volunteers. You can get in touch via the website at