UKYCC attends its ninth COP at COP23 in Bonn

The UK Youth Climate Coalition is in its ninth year of attendance at the UNFCCC’s Conference of Parties, taking place between 6-17 November.

Every year since 2008, shortly after UKYCC was formed, the youth climate organisation’s international team has sent a delegation of young, inspiring climate activists to Bonn in Germany.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is in its 23rd year of COP, which have been taking place since the convention’s majority ratification in 1994.

UKYCC’s aims align to the Paris Agreement’s efforts beyond the 2 degrees Celsius limit and aim for a global average temperature of below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

This year also marks twenty years since the ground breaking Kyoto Protocol was finalised in 1997, the first agreement between states calling for country by country reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

UKYCC’s attendance at COP is integral in representing UK youth on the international stage within such a wide-ranging issue as climate change.

As the UNFCCC said in its press release ahead of COP23: “(The conference has opened with) the aim of launching nations towards the next level of ambition needed to tackle global warming and put the world on a safer and more prosperous development path.”

UKYCC is also urging for a more prominent youth voice on the international climate negotiation circuit as well as an all-inclusive and diverse, representative movement.

As part of Ende Gelände, an anti-coal and anti-nuclear civil disobedience, UKYCC participated in a legal demonstration, Germany’s largest climate action protest ahead of COP23 on Sunday, near Bonn.

Following Theresa May’s Government’s Clean Growth Strategy, which stated that a prosperous economy comes out of tackling climate change, UKYCC is aiming for more accessible and sustainable climate action over a 165-page booklet.

With delegates from all across the UK, UKYCC will be using its time in Bonn to press its views of a clean, fair futures on international governments and bodies.

Access UKYCC’s vision here.

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