Hello! We are the UKYCC UK Gas Campaign Working Group and we have been working hard to mythbust the idea that gas is a cleaner and greener transition fuel!

We campaign on the UK’s dash for gas on a national and international level, supporting and learning from international allies, campaigning for effective leadership on climate change by the UK government, revealing the international pipeline infrastructures connected to gas, and encouraging young people to have a say in the decisions which will affect our future.

Our 2018 nationwide campaign aims to let the UK Government know that there is NO ROOM FOR GAS! You can follow our progress on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and at the hashtag #CleanGasKissMyAss!

So what have we been up to since the launch?

January kick started our campaign, and we released some eye catching graphics and sent out some blogs to introduce the reality of dirty gas. We wrote about gas being a diversion not a bridge fuel, and about the dangers of building the Trans Adriatic Pipeline.

In March and April we began to widen our campaign to reach frontline communities in the UK as well as commenting on the international scale of gas infrastructure. We visited Preston New Road in Lancashire – a brilliant example and site of resistance against the fracking industry here in the UK – and have plans to go back during their three months of rolling resistance in the summer. We wrote about the history of fracking, linking this to the huge campaign effort who are part of this important fight. At the international level we  awarded the EU a special prize highlighting the billions of pounds that have been pumped into gas infrastructure.

Most recently we took the fight on gas to the United Nations, attending the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change talks in Bonn, Germany during May. We held demonstrations on gas, linked up with the global community to #BreakTheFrackingCycle, held workshops on methane measurements and spoke to the UK negotiators! To see more of our work check our twitter page and our blog calling out Greg Clark.

Our latest work has involved a direct call out on the governments latest announcements on fracking as well as an exciting visit to join Reclaim the Power in planning action on fracking campaigning at Preston New Road!

To keep up to date with our work, check out our blogs and facebook activity… Go on… you know you want to!

How can you get involved? 

On June 27th -29th, UKYCC and Reclaim The Power will be heading down to Preston New Road to lend our support to the United Resistance who have been campaigning against fracking at this site since 2011. Their endless campaigning has delayed the fracking work by many months, but they need all the help they can get to continue to put a stop to this dirty energy lock-in!

And that’s where YOU come in!!!

If you can, come and join us at PNR and help make it clear that there is #NoRoomForGas. You can volunteer to help cook, clean, campaign, or you can learn from workshops, inspiring individuals and outrageous activists!If you can’t make it down, then support the work by spreading the news! Get active on Twitter and Facebook,  and be sure to tag @reclaimthepower @ukycc @NoFrackLancs @frackfreelancs & @UnitedResist!

To find out more check Reclaim the Power’s helpful guides here: https://reclaimthepower.org.uk/fracking/

UKYCC members have visited Preston New Road in the past, but this time we are joining together to help show a united front! During our visit we will be running workshops and social media takeovers – so be sure to follow all our social media channels!

The fracking situation in the UK is at a tipping point, and we really need to throw all the energy we have into helping support this important resistance. It may not be happening in your front yard, but fracking infrastructure sure as hell impacts us all!

To get a glimpse into the wonderful world of anti-fracking, check out our last visit to PNR in February:





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