The climate clock is ticking: young people demand MPs get real on climate change as the year countdown to the General Election begins

The UK Youth Climate Coalition took action outside Parliament today to launch the Fight for Our Future campaign. Sporting three giant clocks, the young climate campaigners arrived early this morning to give MPs their General Election wake-up call. The clocks were then gifted to the headquarters of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties.

Fight for Our Future action“We are willing and able to vote in 2015 but MPs have to give us something to vote for. As the year countdown to the General Election begins, this action kickstarts a campaign to demand that MPs use the next 365 days to put young people and climate change on the top of the agenda if they want to secure our votes.” said Francesca Carnibella, Co-Director of the UK Youth Climate Coalition.

“This campaign is about empowering young people to reclaim control of politics, which too often ignores the needs of the young just as it ignores the needs of the planet” said Sean Robinson, UKYCC Communications Officer, “Over the coming months we will be working across the country to mobilise young people and start constituency campaigns that demand better from our MPs.

“Everyone has seen the extreme weather across the globe over the past two years and the UK floods made sure that no one in this country can underestimate the importance of tackling climate change. Climate change is back on the agenda and MPs must respond to this when it comes to the General Election” Robinson continued.


Notes to editors: The UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC) is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers aged 18-29 from across the UK that aims to inspire, empower, mobilise and unite young people to take positive action on climate change. For more information, visit

Press contact: Sean Robinson,, 07917698499

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  • ChilliKwok

    British young people are wise enough to know there are far more important issues to campaign for than a pointless ‘bad-weather-prevention’ tax. How about the 20% youth unemployment rate? Will a giant job-killing CO2-tax-on-everything help create jobs for them?

    • David

      One thing doesn’t exclude the other. It’s like thinking that buying jeans exempts you from wearing underwear..

      The problem is that corporations have made us believe that anything except big juicy profits is not sustainable…Well…I’d say that whoever doesn’t care about UK’s environment should not be allowed to trade in the UK. We have to start believing more in the power of numbers and less in the power of corporations. Polluting the environment and reducing salaries it’s capitalism’s self boycott, because there’s no way to sell your products to an poor unhealthy population.

      • ChilliKwok

        > One thing doesn’t exclude the other

        Yes it does: More expensive energy and higher prices lead directly to lower economic activity and fewer jobs.

        > Corporations.. profits.. corporations…

        A corporation is just a group of individuals who get together to pool their skills to make something people want – like an iPhone or a car. In a free market, profit is just the way to tell if a corporation has been successful or whether those individuals would be better employed doing something else. Yet you seem to think these fundamental principles are the root of all evil? Despite the fact they have lifted billions of people out of poverty and improved living standards infinitely.

  • David

    One thing doesn’t exclude the other. It’s like thinking that buying jeans exempts you from wearing underwear..