Young people don’t want fracking. It cannot form part of a clean energy future. And it cannot form part of a fair future where politicians represent the needs of people rather than profits. We are joining our friends at the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition to call on David Cameron to reverse his position on fracking. Here’s why:

Louisa, 22:
“For me, I care about stopping fracking as it is a complete detour from the clean, renewable energy we need, which would ideally have huge community buy-in – rather than dirty, outdated fossil fuels (especially unconventional types that even sound so horrible!) whose extraction is being imposed upon non-consenting local residents. It’s in no way the direction we need to go in, and is a waste of time and money that could go towards powering a more sustainable, more democratic country.”


“Anti-fracking protests in Bacombe have reignited the debate about the UK’s energy future. This isn’t just about Balcombe or taking direct action to stop fracking. Its about whether we are serious about reducing our carbon emissions, whether we will choose to invest in renewables or gas, and whether politicians will think ahead or frack the country for short-term profit. Brilliant sustainable alternatives to fracking are out there – now is the time when we must be shouting all the more loudly to promote them!”

Nick S, 24:

“What has frustrated me most about the fracking debate are the lengths to which this government has gone to persuade us of its benefits. Unfortunately each part of the Cameron-Osbourne argument doesn’t hold up and it’s testament to the power of protest that they’ve desperately tried to sell it to us. We know climate change is happening, we know future generations, the poor and vulnerable will bear the greatest burden, and we know we can’t burn two-thirds of the world’s known fossil fuel reserves to have a small chance of staying within 2˚c warming this century. To start exploring for more oil and gas now is plain bonkers.”

Fran, 25:

“This isn’t just about Balcombe or taking direct action to stop fracking. This is about stopping politicians from sleeping with corporate lobbyists, its about re-establishing a meaningful, direct and democratic link between citizens and the people who are meant to represent us and its about injecting intergenerational justice into our country’s climate and energy policies.”

 What can YOU do

We need to tell people that young people care and count. Join thousands of others and sign the petition calling on David Cameron to reverse his position on fracking.