Thank you for coming to this page to donate to the UKYCC.

We are an organisation led entirely by young people (aged 15-29) based all over the UK, who are so passionate about empowering youth to build a clean, fair future that we dedicate our spare time to campaigning, training and skill-sharing.

Some of us study, some of us are in full time work – but none of us are paid for the amazing work we do as part of the UKYCC.

We rely on fundraising and generous donations to go towards our volunteer costs, for:

  • Travel – Meeting up for team weekends, attending events focused on the climate movement and youth engagement, and traveling to give training to young people is an expensive but important part of UKYCC.
    We take the bus or train, but never short haul flights – that is just wrong.
  • Team Weekends – Getting a small or even a large amount of UKYCCers together from across the UK is hard work. But we know this face-to-face team time is crucial for us to have a big impact. We’re grateful to our coalition partners for help with venues and our organisers’ ability to find sleeping space, but we need some core funds to go towards location and what’s for lunch.
  • Campaigns – We need funds for the offline and online materials connected to our campaigns or programmes
    for example, leaflets and posters connected to putting climate change back into the UK curriculum, and for the UK Youth Delegates who go the UN Climate Talks and push for a global climate deal.

So thanks again, and just click the Paypal button – you’re helping us achieve major wins on the climate for young people and future generations!