Now it’s February and you feel spring is on the way, a perfect time to reminisce about last summer…

Last summer I volunteered at a week’s environmental workshop for an interfaith 11-14 year olds in Birmingham. It explored various themes including food, water, climate change, ecology, trees, energy sources, bees, recycling and how most faiths have an element of care for the environment in them.

Check out some of what we got up to in this video:

Bees: we learned how much of our food is pollinated by bees and how honey bees and their hives work

Ecology: we had a visit from various different animals including a chameleon, rats and Madagascan snails! learning about each one and stroking them

Food: we used ingredients which had been thrown away to make soup which was taken to a homeless shelter to be distributed that evening, and learned some scary facts about food waste

Water: we learned where the water supplied in Birmingham comes from and how much water is used in food production and other uses

Recycling: we learned that actually recycling is the last resort! we should reduce the amount we use first, then try and re-use items in their current form and only then send it off for recycling into something else. We made musical instruments out of old hangers, bottle tops and glass bottles.

Energy: we looked at the different ways electricity is generated and where

Where does faith and religion come into all of this? There are quotes from nearly all the holy books on our responsibility firstly to look after each other, and especially those less fortunate than ourselves, some even going into our responsibility towards the environment we live in. Whatever your faith background, most religious teachings tend to help you live a more ethical and conscious life. By bringing different faith groups together on moral issues that affect all of humanity such as climate change, we can highlight the responsibility we all have to look after each other, and bring different people together. Afterall, we are stronger together.