Hi, my name is: Rupert Stuart-Smith

I am from: London / Oxford

I am on the: Community Team

My goal is: to fight for an equitable transition to a carbon pollution-free world.

Outside of UKYCC: I study Geography at university, enjoy cross country running and all forms of environmental campaigning. I was the President of the Oxford Climate Society for 2017-18 and am currently the Managing Editor of Anthroposphere: The Oxford Climate Review. My interests include climate litigation and sustainable investment, and I am currently writing a dissertation modelling the effects of climate change on a glacier in the Peruvian Andes.

You can reach me via: email at rupert@ukycc.org / twitter @RupertS_Smith

Thought for the day: Sir David Attenborough on the development of his interest in environmental issues: “It’s not an interest – it’s an obligation!”