As the sun sets on the UN climate talks in Marrakesh, the 8 delegates of the UK Youth Climate Coalition reflect on the talks and prepare to return home to continue the fight for climate justice.

“At COP22, the lack of urgency has further condemned young people, future generations and the world’s most vulnerable to food insecurity, water scarcity, extreme weather events and climate induced conflict. As young people, we will live with the consequences of these negotiations; I am 19 years old and governments have been negotiating at the COPs for my entire life. This year’s inaction brings us one step closer to a future with a climate that is incompatible with dignified life.”

UKYCC delegate Max Forshaw, 19

“The Marrakesh Action Proclamation is filled with the language of urgency but a deeper look at the text reveals a host of broken promises and empty words. The intimate relationship between governments and fossil fuel companies continues to pull back progress, putting short-term profits ahead of the protection of our planet. This needs to change – we need to have a negotiating space free of interference from fossil fuel lobbyists.”|

UKYCC delegate Jeanne Martin, 23

“Trump’s election reminds us more than ever that young people around the world must get organised and hold corporate and political power to account. With COP23 taking place in Germany and COP24 likely to be held in Poland, European youth have an opportunity to mobilise and escalate the pressure on their governments. The UK Youth Climate Coalition is excited to be part of this movement.”

UKYCC delegate Sophia McNab, 27

“The UK government needs a wake up call. Their attitude to climate change is unacceptable yet at COP22 they continue to use the language of leadership. The UK were the 111th country to ratify the Paris Agreement, they have recently approved fracking and increased subsidies to fossil fuel companies – this is not climate leadership. UK youth will bring home the fight for climate justice from Marrakesh to the Westminster, Lancashire and all our communities. COP22 didn’t deliver action. We will.”

UKYCC delegate Lise Masson, 24

Notes to Editor:

The UK Youth Climate Coalition is one of the most exciting and passionate youth organisations campaigning on climate change in the UK. We are run by young people (18-29) based in the UK who volunteer their time to fight climate change. We have been sending youth delegates to the UN Climate Talks since 2008 as part of the official youth constituency, YOUNGO.

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