To: David Cameron and François Hollande
From: UK Youth Climate Coalition
Date: 31 January 2014

RE: Lead the Way on Climate Action in 2014

Young people are leading the way on calling for what is scientifically necessary to tackle climate change and implementing sustainability measures in our local communities. From our experience working productively with youth from around the world to take action against the biggest threat facing our generation, we wanted to provide you with an agenda and some suggested actions points so that you can make the most of your time together.


1. The EU 2030 climate and energy package must be in line with 2˚C

Both the UK and France have joined the world’s governments in committing to limit global temperature rise to within 2˚C. Consider what turning your back on the 2˚C limit really means for your efforts to secure a decent pathway out of crisis.

Action point: Make sure the EU 2030 targets that are agreed in March are in line with 2˚C.

2. Whose voices should you – and do you – listen to?

High carbon industries and big oil lobbyists can only put forward their short-term interests which are devastating the planet. Why not prioritise listen to young people, European citizens and scientists who want to build a sustainable future.

Action point: Arrange to meet with young people in your country to take their priorities into account.

3. Stop playing petty politics with our future

Enough with the bickering and short-term squabbling over austerity measures. As a generation growing to maturity in economic crisis, we need you to take future challenges seriously and step up to your role as international statesmen with an opportunity to drive forward ambitious climate action this year.

Action point: Stop bickering and take crisis management seriously

4. Securing a decent future

As you plan to talk about working together on defence and security, why is your inaction on climate change right now setting up a deeply unstable future for young people?

Action point: Don’t be blind to long term threats and talk about security without considering climate risk.

5. A great opportunity to raise ambition

Over the next six weeks, it is up to EU Member States to inject ambition into climate and energy targets that will shape Europe’s direction for the next two decades. The European Commission’s proposals last week left a gap that risks undermining a global climate deal. If you step up to fill this space with ambition, you can inspire action across the world.

Action point: Prioritise action, not empty words, on tackling climate change in 2014


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