Below we have included 5 web-based modules on youth involvement with the UNFCCC.  These are a great resource for preparing to go to a UN meeting or for finding out more about how a global climate deal might be structured.  By the end of the 5 modules you’ll know most of the policy you’ll need to engage effectively, and you’ll understand how young people have taken part in the negotiations in the past.

In the UKYCC, we asked our delegates to spend 30 minutes on a module per week, and then meet on skype each week for feedback and questions about those modules. Without much effort we had a bunch of UNFCCC experts!

NOTE: Please be patient when waiting for these to load.  They can take a while.

This 1st presentation takes us through the UNFCCC, its Articles and Annexes, the Subsidiary Bodies (SBI/SBSTA) and COPs. The famous youth intervention from the Rio Earth Summit is featured, plus youth campaign issues of access, Article 6 (ACE) & 1.5C.

This 2nd presentation takes us through the UNFCCC’s story so far, including important historical moments until COP21 in Paris, 2015.

This 3rd presentation takes us through the Global Climate Treaty (AKA the Paris Agreement decided in Paris at COP21), and some of the key issues relating to the agreement..

The 4th presentation looks at some areas of contention in the UNFCCC such as climate finance and REDD+, and areas of cooperation such as capacity building.

The 5th and final presentation in this series takes a step back from Policy to look at the groups who act in the UNFCCC. From the Executive Secretary, to the alliances of negotiators, Indigenous People and businesses mix in too and we finish with your very own youth constituency.