UKYCC are taking action to help young people reduce their air pollution this Clean Air Day, 21st June.

And it’s easy for you to get involved too!

  • Tweet your MP (you can find out who that is here)

“What are you doing to reduce #airpollution in our local area? It’s important my health and the health of our planet! #CleanAirDay @ukycc @cleanairdayuk”

“We can improve #airquality and look after our health and the health of our planet. Will you take action on #airpollution this #CleanAirDay ? @ukycc @cleanairdayuk”


  • Make a Clean Air Day pledge.
    Then tweet a photo of you and your pledge using#CleanAirDay @ukycc and @cleanairdayuk

Choose your pledge here or you can write your own



  • Take a photo of you doing something to reduce your air pollution to inspire other young people to take action.
    Then tweet it using #CleanAirDay @ukycc and @cleanairdayuk


What can I do to reduce my air pollution?

  • Leave the car at home, and choose to walk or cycle instead 🚴‍♂️
  • Choose click and collect when you shop online – that way vans are already making the trip and not polluting city centers
  • Switch off your engine when you’re not moving
  • If you need to drive make sure your car is well maintained


Why is air pollution so important?

  • Air pollution can damage your lungs and impact your breathing
  • Exposure to air pollution can cause asthma, or make symptoms worse
  • Breathing air pollution can impact your heart and cause future heart problems


If you want more information about Clean Air Day visit the official website here: