Community Team campaign training by Lizzie, Rupert, Cat and Grace in Edinburgh.

Hello! We are the UKYCC Community Working Group.

Our role in UKYCC is to tackle climate change at the local level; this includes community based education, supporting local initiatives and speaking at public events. For us, local is as important as global: it is the small changes that everyone can make which will add up to a just, sustainable world for all.

Currently we are running several projects:

  • Clean Air Day – we are taking the lead in UKYCC as we support Global Action Plan in this year’s Clean Air Day. Find out how you can get involved here.

  • Sustainability Ambassadors – is our education based project, identifying easy ways for young people to incorporate sustainability into their lives and campaign for their community to do the same.  Find out how you can get involved here

After almost five years of the Local Catalyst Network, we are pursuing a new project in which we will be supporting and training young climate activists to make a difference in their own community; whether that be their school, their local park, their place of worship. We will provide you with invaluable skills to lead your own environmental projects which will be the key to combating climate change. If your local community is badly affected by air pollution, food waste or just needs to improve its recycling schemes, the UKYCC Community Team is here to guide you towards an effective campaign. Our team is all-inclusive and we aim to make environmentalism accessible to everyone whether in the inner-city of London or the Scottish Highlands, the Community Team will be there to support you!

To help sustainability ambassadors in their mission, we have put together a series of resource guides. Check them out here. (Or if you want to print them out use our B&W version here.)

We aim to make climate change activism a fun and exciting place and we maintain our stance that the UK government need to do more work to affect change!

To find out more about us, check out these links from our previous campaigns:

And check out our community related blogs!

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