Community Team campaign training by Lizzie, Rupert, Cat and Grace in Edinburgh.

Hello! We are the UKYCC Community Team. We focus on community climate action and the small differences we can make in our local communities, which can often be overlooked by international climate agendas.

Our main project is currently the Local Catalyst Network which has been running since August 2012. The scheme involves the Community Team recruiting and training young climate activists in order to support them in their individual climate outreach projects. Our team is all-inclusive and we aim to make environmentalism accessible to everyone, whether in the inner-city of London or the Scottish Highlands, the Community Team will be there to support you!

On a wider scale, we support the UK and International Teams and focus on domestic climate change issues, like divestment and anti-fracking campaigns. While we aim to make climate change activism a fun and exciting place, we maintain our stance that the UK government need to do more work to affect change.

To find out more about us, check out these links:

If we’ve managed to entice you, why not join us? We currently have vacancies for a Community Outreach Officer, Local Catalyst Coordinator’s and Local Catalysts! Find out more and apply here.