As the future leaders and workers of the world, youth are major stakeholders in the climate crisis and how it is solved.

The International Youth Climate Movement (IYCM) is a large group of connected friends, campaigners and optimistic humans on this earth lobbying for a fairer, cleaner and healthier world for all. The IYCM is made up of young individuals or groups working on grassroots projects, international campaigns and direct engagement with decision-makers to combat climate change and the threat it leaves millions of people world-wide. Within this movement, UKYCC’s International Team operates using engaging and fun ways for young people to take positive action, often through campaigns with coalition partners or direct involvement with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Within the UNFCCC, Youth NGO’s have an official constituency it works with (YOUNGO) to help strengthen the overall climate movement and support the IYCM at UN negotiations each year. YOUNGO is an open and inclusive constituency which anyone can join regardless of your capacity and which operates under a democratic system with other youth groups from around the world. UKYCC’s international team works collaboratively with many youth groups worldwide and you can find a full list of these below.

If you would like any more information on international campaigns please contact
Cat Hudson –
Fatima Ibrahim –

International Youth Coalitions, Organisations, Initatives, Actions & Movements

Common Climate Initiative – Commonwealth


African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC)
Ghana National Youth Climate Coalition (GNYCC)
African Youth Initiative on Climate Change – Kenyan Chapter (AYICC-K)
Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition (NYCC)
Rwandan Youth Organisation on Climate Change (RYOCC)
Somalian Youth Climate Change (SYCC)
South African Youth Climate Coalition (SAYCC)
Zambia Youth Climate Change Initiative (ZYACCI)


Energy Action Coalition (EAC)
SustainUS – USA
Sierra Student Coalition (SSC)
Canadian Youth Climate Coalition(CYCC)
Caribbean Youth Environmental Network (CYEN)


North East Asia Youth Environmental Network (NEAYEN)
South Asia Youth Environment Network (SAYEN)
Bangladesh Youth Climate Network (BYCC)
Bhutanese Youth for Climate Action (BYCA)
China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN)
Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN)
Malaysian Youth Climate Justice Network (MYCJN)
Maldivian Youth Climate Network (MYCN)
Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA)
Philippine Youth Climate Movement (PYCM)
Pakistan Youth Climate Network (PYCN)
Eco Singapore
Sri Lanka Youth Climate Action Network (SLYCAN)


Push Europe
Wake Up Call – Sweden
Spire – Norway 

Middle East

Arab Youth Climate Movement (AYCM)


Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)
New Zealand Youth Delegation (NZYD)
Generation Zero – New Zealand
Pasifika Youth Climate Change Network (PYCCN)