The UKYCC International Team runs campaigns to push for ambitious climate action at the EU and international level. In particular, we focus on getting the UK government to do its fair share at the UN Climate Talks. Below are a selection of our recent campaigns.

Postcards to Paris

Ahead of the 2015 UN Climate Talks in Paris (COP21) the UKYCC delegation collected messages from hundreds of young people from across the UK to carry with them to the negotiations. Every day, we delivered a selection of postcards to the UK negotiating team along with a daily to-do list. We also took to social media to amplify the voices of these young people demanding climate action. You can see some of bold, common-sense, creative and downright brilliant messages here. Ten year-old Edie, you rock:


Cameron: Don’t be a Lazy Leader

In September 2014, Ban Ki Moon called a meeting of global leaders in New York to galvanise political leadership on climate change. David Cameron refused to commit to attend this important Climate Summit , so we launched a petition and social media campaign to call him out. Here’s a round-up of the campaign. This spoof news report is a good laugh: (Oh and he did go! But used the occasion to talk about cutting red tape…)

Pushing Europe

The International Team spent 2014 campaigning for an ambitious “EU 2030 package” – a kind of European climate deal to decide how much Europe will reduce its carbon emissions over the next two decades and how we’ll generate and use energy. It also represented the contribution of the 28 EU countries to the UN climate deal agreed in Paris in 2015. Still confused? Maybe these hand puppets can help…

We hosted guest blogposts from members of the International Youth Climate Movement. You can find Melissa’s overview here, plus Quentin and Sabrina gave their perspective from Paris here. We also staged an action in London to coincide with Merkel’s trip to the UK – check us out cooking up a storm with pots and pans to sound the alarm outside Parliament!

Youth sound the alarm

Historic Anti-Coal Selfies

As part of Reclaim Power UKYCCers snapped some historic anti-coal selfies to tell Cameron coal has no place in a strong EU 2030 package – or our future! Check out our blog for a selection of the best snaps – let’s make coal history!

Anti-coal selfies