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Notes For Editors

  1. The UK Youth Climate Coalition is an organisation that aims to inspire, unite and mobilise young people across the UK to campaign for positive solutions to climate change. (UKYCC on Wikipedia)
  2. It was set up in 2008 by two students at Warwick University who participated in the World Wildlife Fund’s ‘Voyage to the Future‘ programme. This involved a trip to the Arctic to witness first-hand the consequences of climate change.
  3. The organisation is run and directed entirely by a team of unpaid volunteers, all under the age of 30, who are based across the UK.
  4. It is also part of the International Youth Climate Movement, an informal network of  youth-led  organisations across the World including the US, Canada, Australia, India, Kenya, Zambia, China, Japan, France, Germany and Sweden. http://youthclimate.org/
  5. The UKYCC places a strong emphasis on the need for the climate movement to be more inclusive and positive in its messaging – something which it has repeatedly advocated in campaigns such as ‘Youth for Green Jobs’ and ‘Bank on the Future’
  6. The UKYCC is a (not-for-profit) company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales.

News archive

This is not a comprehensive list of our media coverage, just a selection of just some articles to give you a good idea of what we’re about and what we do!


26/11/2013, Guardian, Young people want to be heard and business needs to pay attention
22/11/2013, Huffington Post, UN Climate Conference in ‘Coaland’; What Can We Learn from Copernicus?
20/11/2013, Democracy Now, “Finance Climate Action, Not Fossil Fuel Subsidies”: Activists Blast Priorities of Biggest Polluters
19/11/2013, UNICEF UK, How young climate change activists are taking over at COP 19
15/11/2013, RTCC, COP19: Lizzy Clark on youth participation at the talks
12/11/2013, 350.0rg, Push for Fossil Fuel Divestment Grows at UN Climate Talks
12/11/2013, RTCC, UN climate chief defends decision to attend coal summit amid youth anger
08/11/2013, RTCC, UN climate jargon buster: a guide to deciphering the Warsaw talks
27/09/2013, BBC News, Viewpoints: Reactions to the UN climate report
27/09/2013, The Guardian, Climate change report: live reaction to IPCC conclusions
27/09/2013, Daily Express, Gambling’ climate change experts could be left red-faced as they bet on earth heating
24/09/2013, Adopt a Negotiator, Connecting the Dots: Disinvestment & Global Agreement
11/09/2013, Left Foot Forward, We have everything to gain from a green economy, and a generation to lose if we abandon it
20/08/2013, RTCC, UK youth target COP19 UN climate summit sponsors
26/07/2013, Left Foot Forward, Education is the key to addressing climate change
16/07/2013, Huffington Post, Student Esha Marwaha’s Climate Change Petition To Michael Gove A Success
11/07/2013, RTCC, Comment: education is the key to addressing climate change
08/07/2013, Greenpeace,  Climate change is kept in the curriculum but it’s a bittersweet victory
08/07/2013, The Guardian, Climate change will still not be taught in English primary schools
17/06/2013, RTCC, UN chief asks youth groups for help with climate challenge
17/06/2013, The Guardian, Is sustainability a key part of education?
13/06/2013, UN News Centre, Ban challenges youth to support action against climate change
31/05/2013, TckTckTck, UK youth activists call on government to put climate ambition first
23/04/2013, RTCC, John Ashton answers your climate change questions
22/04/2013, Pakistan Weekly, Student petitions Michel Gove over curriculum change
15/04/2013, BBC News, Keep climate change lessons in curriculum, urge petitions
14/04/2013, The Guardian, Plans to drop climate debate from national curriculum ‘unacceptable’
12/04/2013, New Scientist, Schoolkids campaign for relevant geography
10/04/2013, Russian Times, Climate change now included in US curriculum
08/04/2013, NY Times/International Herald Tribune, U.S. Moves Toward Teaching Climate Change; Britain Does the Opposite
30/03/2013,Wessex Scene,  An Interview with the UKYCC
26/03/2013, BBC Free Speech, Esha’s Rant
22/03/2013, The Guardian, Our children need to learn about climate change
21/03/2012, The Guardian, Thousands sign school climate change petition started by 15-year-old
21/03/2013, Huffington Post, Student Esha Marwaha Petitions Michael Gove To Keep Climate Change On Curriculum
19/03/2013, The Guardian, Geography taught me climate change is unjust – and inspired me to fight
19/03/2013, Blue and Green Tomorrow, Climate change to be removed from national curriculum
19/03/2013, National Center for Science Information, Climate education to be axed in Britain?
18/03/2013, Daily Caller, UK downplays climate change in school curriculum
18/03/2013, The Guardian, Move to drop debate on climate change in schools faces backlash


10/12/2012, Yahoo! News, UN climate talks in Qatar boost Gulf awareness
08/12/2012, New York Times, Climate Talks Yield Commitment to Ambitious, but Unclear, Actions
08/12/2012, BBC News, Doha climate talks: US faces dilemma over final text
04/12/2012, The Guardian, Doha climate conference diary: youth activists bring energy and urgency
23/11/2012, Varsity, In search of greener pastures…
17/11/2012, Islington Gazette, Young Islington environmentalist heads out to UN climate summit 
04/10/2012, Youthclimate.org, A better future for Green Jobs? UKYCC meets Ed Davey 
19/09/2012, Responding to Climate Change, ‘Youth Profile #12: European activists demand governments put their futures ahead of ‘dirty industry’
19/09/2012, Greenbelt, ‘A Day in the Shed
07/09/2012, Responding to Climate Change, ‘UKYCC Podcast #2: Preparing for COP18 in Doha
31/08/2012, Young Scot, ‘Youth for Green Jobs
24/08/2012, Responding to Climate Change, ‘UKYCC Podcast: How young people can get involved in the international climate process
25/05/2012, Responding to Climate Change, ‘UK youth say negotiators must ensure intergenerational equity
25/05/2012, TckTckTck, ‘Our favourite climate videos this week
25/05/2012, Responding to Climate Change, ‘Bonn 2012: What did the latest round of UN climate change talks achieve?
21/05/2012, Responding to Climate Change, ‘Bonn 2012: What is the role of youth in the climate negotiations?
17/05/2012, Responding to Climate Change, ‘Bonn 2012: How youth can influence the UNFCCC talks
17/05/2012, Responding to Climate Change, ‘Bonn 2012: Marrying science and politics for a sustainable future
13/05/2012, Socialist Worker Online, ‘Caravan for climate jobs sets off
12/05/2012, Socialist Resilience, ‘Million climate jobs caravan hits the road
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30/04/2012, Youth Food Movement UK, ‘UKYCC’S CAMPAIGN: YOUTH FOR GREEN JOBS
23/03/2012, Responding to Climate Change, ‘A week in Climate Change: Five things we learnt
21/03/2012, Responding to Climate Change, ‘UKYCC pressures government on youth green jobs ahead of budget


08/12/2011, Responding to Climate Change, ‘COP17 YOUNGO mock trial reminds delegates why they are here
27/11/2011, BUA News, ‘Youth attend COY7
26/11/2011, This is Bath, ‘Teenager to lobby UN climate talks in South Africa
09/11/2011, BUA News, ‘UK youth group eagerly awaits Durban COY7
12/09/2011, Wiltshire Times, ‘Box teenager seeks support for UN climate event
12/09/2011, Medsin, ‘Register for Power Shift: the biggest event for young people fighting climate change
05/09/2011, Malvern Gazette, ‘Youngsters from Malvern to attend climate talks
31/08/2011, Luciana Berger MP, ‘The Next Generation: a workshop on Labour’s policy review – report back
21/08/2011, Newbury Today, ‘Tadley Woman to face world leaders
10/08/2011, Warwick University, ‘A Power Shift in climate change
09/08/2011, Positive News, ‘New scheme to boost green job opportunities in East London
04/08/2011, Harrow Observer, ‘North Harrow girl hopes to attend UN climate talks
03/08/2011, University of Leeds, ‘Leeds student to represent UK youth at UN climate talks
17/06/2011, Euractiv, ‘Young people want a green economy in Europe
20/04/2011, The Guardian, ‘The voice of America’s frustrated youth, Power Shift, is on its way to the UK
25/03/2011, The Ecologist, ‘The Ecologist guide to turning clicktivists into activists
31/01/2011, BBC News, ‘UN sticks with climate agenda – but what prospects?


14/12/2010, BBC News, ‘Green Room
11/12/2010, The Independent, ‘Global warming deal hopes revived after Cancun agreement
10/12/2010, The Guardian, ‘Meet the youth climate leaders
09/12/2010, OneClimate, ‘Neva Frecheville from the UKYCC at COP16
08/12/2010, The Guardian, ‘Chris Huhne to stay in Cancun despite Commons vote on tuition fees
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07/12/2010, Adopt a Negotiator, ‘Excuse me, can you tell me how I can get to the Kyoto Protocol?
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01/09/2010, Positive News, ‘Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option
01/09/2010, Positive News, ‘Young People to Advise the Government on Climate Change
01/09/2010, Positive News, ‘Climate Campaigner Honoured by the Queen
01/09/2010, Positive News, ‘Young People ‘Adopt’ MPs
31/08/2010, 350.org, ‘Update from the 350 Climate Action Workshop in Berlin
20/08/2010, Start Up Cafe, ‘Using online tools to engage people – examples from the political arena
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28/07/2010, Live Magazine, ‘We’re off to the UN in Mexico…and we want you!
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22/01/2010, Yes! Magazine, ‘We’re not done yet
29/01/2010, The Wharf, ‘Green Living: Keeping in touch
12/01/2010, Inspire Magazine, ‘Young people fight climate change


10/12/2009, University of Aberdeen, ‘Aberdeen student chosen for UK Youth Delegation
11/12/2009, Reuters Blog, ‘Youth groups bending the ear of business at COP15
07/12/2009, BBC Hampshire, ‘Hampshire’s carbon cutters
04/12/2009 – Channel 4, ‘Climate change is our greatest challenge
04/12/2009 – Natural History Museum, ‘Gordon Brown answers young people’s questions on climate change
04/12/2009, Number 10, ‘PM tells young people climate deal is achievable
14/11/2009, This is London, ‘Green warrior off to Copenhagen climate change summit
09/11/2009 – Independent Minds, ‘It falls to my generation to avert climate catastrophe
14/10/2009, Coleraine Times, ‘Coleraine girl takes on climate change negotiations
12/10/2009 – Guardian, ‘Shake your booty in Big Ben’s shadow – teenagers dance to save the planet
07/10/2009, University of Newcastle, ‘Shift of power towards young campaigners
05/10/2009, Liverpool Echo, ‘Liverpool University graduate is cycling to help save the planet
22/02/2009, The Guardian, ‘Global youth movement comes of age