Hi, my name is: Marianna Musset

I am: on the International Team’s delegation for COPS at UNFCCC.

I am from: London

Before UKYCC I was: Finishing my Bachelor’s and Masters in Environmental Science at the University of Leeds. My dissertation explored the potential computer games can provide as a transformative learning experience in educating about climate change, and in exploring young people’s visions for an alternative future. I was the union’s Political and Campaigning Rep organising events such as Human Rights Week and International Women’s Week, as well as supporting student led campaigns. I am also involved with a grassroots documentary about climate change which has been very exciting!

My goal is: to create social change on a local and international level by pursuing a life that seeks to constantly challenge and provide alternatives to environmental, social and economic norms. Professionally I hope to pursue a career in communications and project management, supporting environmental and social justice communities. In life my goal is to find the joy in the small things in life, write a novel and always find the time to dance till sunrise.  .

You can reach me via: @Marianna_UKYCC

Thought of the day:  “Uneven floors are a melody to the feet”- Hundertwasser