Hi, my name is: Katja Garson

I am the: Gas working group organiser

I am from: Finland, but I currently live in Cambridge, where I’m undertaking a policy internship with an international conservation NGO.

My goal is: to fight socio-environmental injustice and environmental degradation across borders, languages and beliefs – whether through organizing, writing, research, or day-to-day activities. I also strive (and encourage others) to remain positive and to appreciate the beauty of human and non-human life.

Outside of UKYCC: I enjoy music-/art-making, tea-drinking, writing, exploring tangled natures, and connecting with people near and far.

You can reach me via: email at katja.garson@ukycc.org or Twitter @kmgarson

Thought for the day: “Don’t sit and wait. Get out there, feel life.” Rumi