The UK Youth Climate Coalition Gas Working Group is taking our gas campaign straight to the doors of Claire Perry MP, the Minister for Energy & Clean Growth.

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Sign up to have a letter sent on your behalf, first and foremost, to call for the UK Government to ban fracking – it only takes 2 minutes, but it could change the future. You can read the letter here!

Once you do this, we’ll send this letter with your name on it to Claire Perry, so that hundreds of letters (on recycled paper, don’t you worry) flood Claire Perry’s office – think of 4 Privet Drive and Harry’s letter from Hogwarts!


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  • The extraction of natural gas known as ‘fracking’ causes untold damage to local environments, communities and contributes to the devastating effects of climate change.
  • If fracking operations in the UK continue to be unchallenged there is great potential for fracking sites to appear across the country with around half the UK viable for fracking.
  • Local communities and local councils in the vicinity of fracking sites have said “no” to fracking, however, these decisions have been overlooked by main government. The government is even trying to remove to need for fracking companies to apply for council planning permission!
  • Fracking isn’t compatible with our climate targets, is incredibly damaging to the local environment, and put simply, the people don’t want it! 


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