For too long, young people have been sidelined in political debate about our futures and the future of a planet we will inherit. Our views are not represented. That is what we are striving to change…

The Fight For Our Future survey has been launched!

Reviewers are calling it: “The most important youth survey of our lifetime”, “More Green than the Hulk”, and “Cooler than the ice-bucket challenge”.*

So here’s the lowdown:

We need young people (age 16-29) from across the UK to complete this 5-10 minute survey on what we want our futures to be like, specifically concerning:

  • Our energy sources;
  • Which targets we want for reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide;
  • The role of the media in climate change communication;
  • Whether our economy should change;
  • Our jobs;
  • Climate change education;
  • Politicians; and
  • A global climate agreement.

The UK Team here at UKYCC will use the survey responses to produce a ‘manifesto’ representing the youth voice of the country.  We will then take our collective solution-based demands to politicians ahead of the 2015 General Election.

If you provide your email address at the end of the survey, you will be contacted when the manifesto has been produced so you can check out the consensus from the survey, then sign up to back the demands.

The Fight For Our Future campaign has been produced by a collective of young people who campaign on youth and climate change issues and feel unrepresented by the current state of UK politics. We see issues which affect us the most slipping down the political agenda – they are not being talked about and we are not seeing meaningful action. Instead, politicians and corporations plough on with ‘business as usual’, failing to preserve the planet for our generation and beyond.

Fight For Our Future!

Fight For Our Future!

This campaign is our chance to be the change we want to see in the world. We have the opportunity to demand a new politics, one that puts people and planet first. By voting for politicians and policies which do not safeguard our future, we could be complicit in a system which is letting us down. Politicians must listen to what we want, pledge to protect the things we care about – like securing a clean, fair future, and give us adequate solutions to vote for.

Take the first step with us now and complete the survey. Send it to your friends, sisters, brothers, classmates, everyone you know.

Young people are a powerful force when we are united so let’s get Fighting For Our Future!


UK Campaign Coordinator

*just kidding


  • ChilliKwok

    > – Our energy sources,
    > – Which targets we want for reducing atmospheric CO2,
    > – The role of the media in climate change communication

    Yes, I bet these three items are at the top of every 16-29 year-old’s priority list.

    • Maddy Hodgson

      Likely to be high on the priority list of most young people visiting this page.

    • Maddy

      Likely to be concerns of most young people visiting this page.

  • Joe Public

    What was the Carbon Footprint of the 5x participants UKYCC sent to Lima? Why 5? Who funded the junket?