Expectations for COP 22

The twenty-second session of the Conference of the Parties has been referred to in the opening plenary as the “COP of Action”.

With the Paris Agreement finally being ratified on the 4th of November just a couple of days before the start of COP 22, this year’s conference has been greatly anticipated. The outside world is ‘watching’ and ‘waiting’ to see what will come out of the first session of the parties since the Paris Agreement. This years session of the parties in Marrakesh is key to keeping the momentum of Paris going forward in positive manner in order to create a low carbon and resilient future.

As a member of the international delegation for UKYCC at this year’s COP we are working alongside a collection of youth-led organisations. This group is both diverse + global and an immensely passionate movement. We being the youth expect ambitious and fair outcomes from COP 22 as we have a vital stake in the outcome of the process as we are going to be living with the consequences.

After talking with many other young people and attending many working group meetings throughout day 1 of COP 22 there are a number of key outcomes I would like to see come out of this years conference:

  • Raising ambition

  • Strengthening action on Loss and Damage, Adaptation and Mitigation

  • COP that deals with climate reality (Climate Change is happening now!!)

  • Establish legal protection for those already being displaced by climate change

  • Providing support through knowledge and technology transfers between countries

  • Developed countries (like my own the UK) taking the lead and committing to the “finance road map” $100 billion

  • A real focus on pre-2020 action

Morocco being the host country  is determined to make this years conference  Africa’s COP. With Morocco acting as the spokes country for the African continent they and others have shared their own real experiences and concerns over current and future erratic weather patterns afflicting many vulnerable nations across the continent.

It’s important to manage your own expectations at these conferences as I have been told many times by experienced delegates. But ultimately I hope the next 2 weeks of the conference take on board the youths, civil societies and the experiences of African countries on board and to the heart of the negotiations.

By the end of COP 22 my hopeful expectations are for a well-structured and detailed plan for action to address the effects of climate change happening now and for the immediate future.

It can’t be stressed strongly enough COP 22  must be the:

“COP of Action”