Hello, my name is: Emily

I am the: Campaigns Officer for the UK Team. This involves helping our campaigns develop and bottom-lining the progress of everyone’s amazing ideas.

I am from: I’m originally from Solihull, which is in the West Midlands, however I’m currently in my Fourth year studying Economics and Politics at the University of Exeter.

My goal is: To help all affected groups in their fight for climate justice, and to help bring common causes together. Different social justice campaigns have more in common than we have apart! I’m hopeful that Climate Change can be used as a conjuncture from which we can create a better, more just society for all. I would love to do a PhD focused on localised development programs that are not contingent on Western ideals of Economic Growth.

Outside of UKYCC: I love surfing, slacklining, longboarding and Korfball (Real sports, I promise!)

You can reach me via: email at emilymarsay@ukycc.org or @Emilymarsay on Twitter and Instagram.

Thought for the day: Your life unfolds in proportion to your Courage… She who dares, wins!