The 2013 UN Climate Talks in Warsaw (COP19) should have been the place where governments agreed urgent and fair climate action and addressed the needs of people already facing devastating impacts of climate change. Instead, the UKYCC delegation only witnessed dumb ways to fry the planet.

The bizarre venue, the corporate sponsors and their weird freebies, the simultaneous coal industry conference, the pathetic and dangerous behaviour of developed countries – COP19 was a catalogue of climate-destroying antics. Check out our mockery of this year’s conference and join us in pushing for a more ambitious and representative conference next year in Lima, Peru! Volveremos! (We’ll be back!)

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Do your meetings in a box
Let coal companies into the Climate Talks
Let polluters advertise
Fill the halls with all their crappy merchandise

Dumb ways to fry
So many dumb ways to fry
Dumb ways to fry
So many dumb ways to fry

Downgrade your climate pledge
Increase your emissions by more than 3 per cent
Go back on your promises
And refuse to help those people impacted


Sideline the voice of youth
Give a climate denier a platform and a booth
Host a coal conference at the same time
Kick young people out for holding up a sign