This week we’ve got a guest blog from the Occupy Movement’s Chris Garrard. The blog has been cross-posted with permission from the website:

On Saturday May 5, thousands of people will gather in communities around the globe for 350‘s Climate Impacts Day. They’ll be connecting the dots between climate change and the very real impacts already being felt — from the UK to the Pacific.

Chris Garrard from the Occupy movement is helping to organize the event in the UK’s capital and here he shares his thoughts leading up to the big day! To join him, sign up here.
Saturday morning, the start of the first weekend in May. Shoppers and workers bustle by. Beneath the imposing dome ofSt. Paul’s Cathedral is the churchyard. And there, at the centre, a Twister game is about to take place…

May 5th is Climate Impacts Day and OccupyLondon’s Environment Group and have joined forces to spread the word and make a stand. Our unique hand-painted Twister mat has added in the climate impacts, so players will place their “Right hand drought!” and then “Left foot flood!” As the game continues, players begin to connect the dots with their whole body, and start to build up the bigger picture. But Twister is just the start. It will be a vibrant day of talks and tours, discussion and a picnic, then a film screening and a photo stunt. What more could you want from a Climate Impacts Day?

In London, the offices of big business perpetuating environmental damage surround us. Under Big Ben, parliament debates and fails to take decisive action. The mainstream media on Fleet Street too often look the other way. For us, Climate Impacts Day is a prime opportunity not just to give information, but share it and invite others to participate. One of our speakers, Sabiha Teladia (Muslim Hands), has seen first hand the affects of flooding inPakistanand Philippa de Boissiereand (UKtar sands Network) will tell us about why we must take action on dangerous fossil fuel extraction. Our day is about telling these powerful stories but posing questions too, showing people that once the dots have been connected, the environment is not something separate from them.

If people join us on our tour of “climate heroes and climate zeros”, they can get under the skin of business behaviours that are affecting the world’s poorest. Information and insight is a powerful thing – once you know there is a change to be made, it’s hard to turn your back. Many of us have already started, but on Saturday, Londoners will connect the dots.

We hope you can join Chris this Saturday. But if you can’t make it or this event isn’t right for you, you can find other Climate Impacts Day events in the
UK right 
here. Or take your own Connect the Dots photo — it’s not too late!