Want to build your portfolio and help out a good cause in the process?

Although we have brilliantly supportive networks and volunteers, UKYCC is occasionally slowed down by a lack of specialist skills or capacity to perform certain tasks. This means that we are always looking for a bit of extra support. If you’re not interested in a full-time volunteering role, but might consider mucking in for a short time, helping with our ongoing local engagement work or providing a specific skill for a specific task (legal, financial, web design etc.) then you might want to consider joining our freelance list.

We can register your interest, add you to our monthly mailing list and we’ll contact you directly if a specific opportunity arises to do a small amount of work with us or on our behalf. In return we love to write glowing references for good work and provide ongoing support and training to help you complete the task. If you think you might be intersted in local engagement work in particular, then get in touch and we can help you do this in your area.

To register your interest, drop an email to hello@ukycc.org