Are you looking for an exciting volunteering opportunity? Are you aged between 18 and 29? Do you want to meet great people, develop new skills and be part of the global movement to stop climate change?


We’re looking for CONTRIBUTORS to our UKYCC campaigns.

Whether you have an hour, a day or a week we have something to suit you!

You don’t have to be a climate science expert or a protester (though we like those people too!) we are looking for impassioned people to take action on climate change in their own lives, workplaces or communities.  Take a look below!

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Retweet and like our posts on social media

Clicktivism is a real thing! You might not have time today to take on any more than a like, but other people will! If you share and like our posts then we develop a greater reach, the more people who are talking about climate change, who are aware of the issues, the more pressure we can put on businesses and politicians.

Donate to UKYCC

UKYCC are volunteer-led organisation and receive no core funding.  In order to go join front-line communities in Lancashire or attend UNFCCC conferences, like Poland we need to fundraise. We want to be able to extend these opportunities to people who can’t cover those costs themselves. So if you believe in the work we’re doing and would like to help us continue to include everyone, pop in a fiver (or whatever you can) and help us make a difference!



Cards for the Climate - contribute to COP

In December 2018 UKYCC will send a delegation of UK Youth to the international climate talks in Poland (COP 24).  We are there to create a voice for our generation at these talks. To do that effectively we need to look beyond our organising members and seek out as many voices as we can. That’s why we launched Cards for the Climate – your feelings, in your words.  

We want to take your messages to the door of the UK negotiators.  Fill in our template to tell negotiators what issues matter to you and why. Explain how climate change impacting your life or your future.   Send your completed card to with the subject line: Contributor: Cards for the Climate. And we will deliver them to the negotiators door!

Write to your MP about air pollution

In June 2018 UKYCC joined the millions of people participating in Clean Air Day.  Air quality is vital to our health and the health of our planet and it’s time that our government did more!

We ask you to write to your MP (if you’re not sure who that is you can find out here: ).   Tell them how air pollution is bad for your health and bad for the natural environment. Ask them what they plan to do in your area to improve air quality in your area. If you can include stories from your life so they understand how air quality impacts real people.

And remember you don’t have to be an expert; you just need to get them thinking about what is important to their constituents!  If you write to your MP let us know email with the subject line: Contributor: I told my MP that air pollution matters. Or if you tweet them tag us! @ukycc



Contribute to our Youth Voices blog series

At UKYCC we strive to represent as many youth experiences of climate change as we can. That’s why we’re creating our Youth Voices blog series. Our mission at UKYCC is to mobilise and empower young people to take positive action for global climate justice.

So we invite you to write a blog answering the question “What does climate justice mean for you”. You can cover how you would define climate justice, how climate change is impacting or will impact your life, how you are taking action or would like youth to take action.

We are aiming to create a collection of stories from youth across the country and will add them to our website. Send your blogs to with the subject line: Contributor: Youth Voices blog.

Join the Zero Hour March

Young people across the globe are coming together on July 21st to tell decision makers that the time for stalling is up. We need real action on climate change, we need it now, and we need you to help us demand it!

Join us as we march across London to bring this global movement to the UK for the first time. We’ll be sharing our stories, getting youth voices heard, and leading the way towards a just and sustainable future for all. This is Zero Hour!  Join the Facebook event here:



Host an anti-fracking film screening

In June 2018 UKYCC joined the front line of the anti-fracking fight at Preston New Road.  This site is on the verge of becoming the first fracked site in the UK since 2011. To raise the profile of the battle happening in Lancashire Undercurrents productions created Power Trip; a film to show what happens beyond the few seconds glimpsed on the mainstream TV news.

And you can help raise that profile further! The film is available for free here:  and we encourage you to host your own screening. Whether you get together a group of 5 friends or organise a public screening for 50 people – or anything between or beyond- you will be spreading the message.

If you can ask for a donation at the door; the people who are putting their bodies in the way are facing court fines and anything you can donate will help.

If you decide to host a screening let us know! And if you wish to donate or need any support in organising your screening we are here to help. Email with the subject line: Contributor: Power Trip Screening.

Share your talent

If you have a knack for creating art, are a budding photographer, graphic designer or videographer we would love to feature your content. If you have created something climate change themed and would like to see it up on our website or social media then email your work to with the subject line: Contributor: Creativity Submission. Let us know how best to credit you and where else people can find your work.