The UK Youth Climate Coalition is one of the most exciting, innovative, energised and passionate organisations campaigning on climate change in the UK and around the world. We are an organisation entirely made of young people (18-29) based in the UK who volunteer their time to fight climate change issues.



The Role: Finance Trustee and up to 3 Trustees that can support our work

The UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC) is a charity run entirely by a team of highly motivated young volunteers, all of whom are between the ages of 18  – 29, working together between other commitments to create a future which is happy, affordable, clean and safe.

We call ourselves the ‘organisers’ or ‘Organising Team’, and we seek advice, support and guidance from our Trustees.

The Board of Trustees exists to:

1. Offer support, guidance and friendship to the UKYCC team. Board members are encouraged to build active relationships with members of the Organising Team, as mentors and advisors;

2. Ensure that the UKYCC is working towards its strategic objectives of mobilising, uniting, empowering and inspiring young people to create a clean, just future. The Board of Trustees is designed to take a longer term view and to have a clearer perception of the overall progress being made, enabling the organisation to be more effective and strategic.

This is an 18 month, voluntary post. We are asking for a commitment to:

  1. 4 x per year: attend quarterly meetings of the full Board of Trustees. This will be in person (by skype if necessary) in a place convenient to the Board – most often in London. Travel expenses to these meetings can be provided.

  2. Around once a month: participation in relevant Skype calls with the UKYCC teams.

  3. Around once a week: to be responsive to requests from UKYCC Organising Team to provide advice or assistance with financial or legal matters (depending on role) – via phone, email, etc.

Key areas where the UKYCC Organising Team looks for support: 

  1. Monitoring & Evaluation – reviewing the impact UKYCC has had on individuals, the organisation and celebrating the change that UKYCC has brought about.  Understanding and learning from projects previously undertaken by UKYCC and using this to make recommendations for future work. Improving and supporting strong monitoring and evaluation throughout UKYCC.

  2. Long-term strategy – understanding and responding to the medium- and long-term opportunities, events, challenges and threats. In-depth analysis of the future climate, environmental, political and cultural landscape, to inform, support and develop UKYCC’s long term strategy.

  3. Human resources – support for the legal and financial security of the organisation, and the appointment, induction and transition of the Team Coordinators. Continual support for the UKYCC Organising Team and Team Coordinators in this respect.

Areas of responsibility

  • Oversee the long-term strategy of UKYCC and support the Team Coordinators and Organising Team to fulfil this.

  • Hold the organisation to account by ensuring the activities of UKYCC match a long-term strategy agreed between the Team Coordinators, Trustee Board and Organising Team in line with our mission statement, visioning statements and guiding principles.

  • The Board would provide the checks, balance and scrutiny of the Team Coordinators and UKYCC teams to ensure daily decisions are reflective and supportive of the organisation’s longer term strategy, security, and legal and financial well-being.

  • Support the long-term sustainability and relevance of the organisation.

  • Support the capture and sharing of institutional knowledge and learning throughout the organisation.

  • Fill knowledge gaps in the organisation (e.g. legal and financial)  and help locate advice or expertise.

Note: The Board is not an executive decision-making body. Responsibility for decision-making lies with the Team Coordinators in consultation with the Organising Team. The Board can however make recommendations and may ask why decisions have been taken.

If you want to commit to helping the UK Youth Climate Coalition to achieve our vision, and you have a financial or legal background or experience that could help us to stay on track, please send an email to with the subject line: FINANCE TRUSTEE or LEGAL TRUSTEE (depending on which post you would like to apply for).

Please list any experience relating to the following themes. We are not looking for extensive details, just a list will do!

  • Finance OR Law (essential);

  • Volunteering / pastoral skills (very desirable)

  • Politics in UK (desirable)

  • Campaign strategy & mobilisation (desirable)

  • Media / communications (desirable)

  • International climate politics (desirable)

  • Community energy / community activism (desirable)

  • Facilitation skills (desirable)

  • Experience of running small organisations (not essential but interesting!)

  • Knowledge/expertise in the field of climate science (not essential but interesting!)

  • Any other experience you think is relevant!

Please also tell us in 300 words why you would like to act as Trustee to the UK Youth Climate Coalition.

Applications will be discussed among the organising team and, if successful you will be invited for an interview over Skype.

To reiterate this is a fixed term post (18 months), voluntary. You can be based anywhere in the UK. We will also accept applications from those based elsewhere in Europe.

We strongly encourage applications from self-identifying women, people of colour and LGBTQIA+ candidates, although all applications will be considered on their own merit. We are committed to breaking down all barriers to participation in the UK movement for Climate Justice and we do all we can to welcome everyone to engage fully, particularly people who are disabled or on a low income. Additionally, although we are a youth organisation, there is no age limit for our Trustees!

This recruitment process is being conducted on a rolling basis so interested applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible.

For further information about this post please contact

 We look forward to hearing from you!



UKYCC is occasionally slowed down by a lack of specialist skills or knowledge to perform certain tasks, and sometimes just requires a bit of extra support.

If you’re not interested in a full-time volunteering role, but might consider mucking in for a short time, helping with our ongoing local engagement work or providing a specific skill for a specific task (legal, financial, web design etc.) then you might want to consider joining our freelance list.

More information


International Team

We are not currently recruiting for the international team. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at:

Are you thinking - How do we fit UKYCC work into our lives?

Adam: UKYCCer and full time student

“I joined UKYCC just as I started my first year of university at UCL. For me UKYCC is great in terms of balancing university commitments and volunteering; you only ever take on as on much as you want to. This meant that when I have a deadline or am frantically cramming, I’m not expected to do work I can’t, and conversely in the holidays I can volunteer to take on projects or tasks. Regular team meetings are via Skype, so whilst you might have to set aside one hour of your time, there isn’t the hassle of travelling anywhere or setting up any complicated software.
As for meet-ups or stunts, expenses can be covered and these are only about once every couple of months or so, and casual not obligatory. Its a role that can be flexible around your needs, and one I have no regrets in taking.”

Simon: UKYCCer and full time worker

“My boss really understands my passion for being involved with UKYCC and doing climate change action type stuff; giving me the freedom to check things during the day as long as I complete my work. I get home by 6pm and my night is a mixture – watching movies, scrolling through Reddit, UKYCC work, and actually going out and having a social life. Blending it into my day-to-day life works really well for me.”

Big thanks go to Environment Job, for hosting our volunteer opportunities on their site.