This weekend, the G7 is set to meet in Germany where it will discuss climate policy for the years ahead. There are exciting rumours that G7 countries will be supporting a long-term decarbonisation goal. However, this news is dampened by their proposed deadline for decarbonisation: 2100.  2100 is far too late. Which is why we have written a letter to David Cameron, urging him to up his ambition before he meets with the rest of the G7 this weekend. 

Dear David Cameron, Amber Rudd and your teams,

We’ve heard rumours that G7 countries are going to be supporting a long-term decarbonisation goal as part of the Paris climate deal. That sounds great. As young people, who are going to be around long after the politicians and negotiators deciding the Paris text, we are determined that it must set us, and all future generations, on a path to a safe and fair future. A long-term goal to phase out carbon emissions sounds like one part of a fair deal.

However (you knew that was coming didn’t you?) we also heard the goal for decarbonisation might be 2100. Please tell us this isn’t true. Even we won’t be around then to hold you to account, solving climate change can’t wait! We can’t delay the transition to a zero-carbon world, in fact the longer we leave it the harder and more expensive it will become. So, we’re asking you to step up now and push for a 2050 goal.

The UK needs to take real climate leadership at home if you want your suggestions to be taken seriously by the other parties at the UN. That means ramping up our commitments laid out in the Climate Change Act to be in line with the latest science and to give us the best possible chance of avoiding dangerous climate change. And don’t get us started on coal and fracking! If we want other countries, particularly developing countries, to take our pleas for decarbonisation seriously, the UK needs to move away from fossil fuels now.

Young people from UKYCC have been attending the UN Climate Talks since 2008 alongside other young people from around the world. We’ve skilled-up on UN jargon, fundraised for travel and hostels, and then spent weeks inside those conference centres because we’re passionate about tackling climate change. You get privileged access into the G7 this weekend and so we expect you to use it to fight for our future, and the futures of all young people around the world.

See you in Paris, if not before? (Please take that as a formal meeting request)



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