1. St. Pancras is butt ugly and with so many shops, we didn’t even have time to go round them all


2. What a pain to be able to pack as much luggage as we wanted… and nobody really wants to be able to take their coffee through security right?

3. There were so many seats free; we couldn’t decide where to sit!


4. The change-overs were just too perfectly timed


5. Who would want hand-delivered tea and coffee?


6. Those floor to ceiling windows gave such terrible views of the three beautiful countries we passed through.


7. That free wi-fi made it too quick to update our insta story!

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8. All that free time was such a pain, we were only able to get ahead on adventure planning


9. The on-board entertainment was only showing the latest releases…. Netflix and Chill anyone? 😉


10. And of course, there was just way too much leg room.


Our trip from Glasgow to Bonn took a grand total of 11hours (half of which was making our way through the UK!), it only cost £115 and reduced our emissions by a whopping 90% saving 107kg CO2, that’s the equivalent of 340 pints per person. Cheers to that!


So we know that taking the plane is sometimes cheaper, but taking the train was pure luxury compared to your sleazyjet alternatives. We said goodbye to two hour security queues, goodbye to connection stresses and hello to climate friendly travel. And you can too!

Take a look at www.theconvergingworld.org to find out how much carbon you could save by switching.


Authors: Catriona Leggat, Chirsty McFadyen and Eilidh Robb